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Art by Nicolette

SOLD - After the Storms, 2010+2023

SOLD - After the Storms, 2010+2023

Started as part of a workshop which I attended in 2010, this painting really took on a life of its own. The style is surrealism rather than abstraction, and my goal at the time was to, as much as possible, bypass the thinking mind and access the subconscious.

The first layer included staining the background, then adding the buildings (which are actually torn from a newspaper TV Guide - does such a thing even exist any more?). I worked up and out from there. Images, intended or not, include a full moon, a sandstorm in an hourglass, a profile, a bird, clouds, a tree, and flames. I had always planned to include some green, symbolic of new growth "after the storms," and in 2023 I finally did, adding the vine (bottom right).

This painting lived in my home for many years before I decided to pass it on to a dear friend and adopted family member.

Mixed media: acrylic paint, collage (newsprint), India ink, sand, eyeliner and lip liner pencils. Painted on gallery depth canvas.

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