About the Artist

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once one grows up." -Pablo Picasso

Nicolette Pilypaitis is a professional artist based in Ottawa, Canada, who has dedicated herself to creating and displaying art full-time since 2020.

Growing up in the vibrant and diverse cultural landscape of Montreal, the child of immigrant parents, Nicolette developed a profound appreciation for the arts which she has carried throughout her life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Modern Languages from McGill University, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Visual Arts Specialist certification from the University of Ottawa. With over 30 years of experience, her work reflects her unique perspective and commitment to artistic excellence.

Nicolette has been living and working in Ottawa since 1992. Prior to focusing solely on her art, she spent 25 years as a Visual Arts teacher and Creative Arts Department Head. This experience not only honed her personal artistic skills, but also afforded her the privilege and joy of helping teenagers to access and develop their own creativity and skills. Some of those teenagers went on to become a new generation of artists. Nicolette's background in the field of education underscores her deep understanding of the creative process.

Nicolette's art has been exhibited at various venues in Eastern Ontario and beyond, reflecting her desire to contribute to the regional art scene. Her work has found its way into private collections across Canada, the US, and Europe. 

Artworks by Nicolette are characterized by their distinctive blending of  traditional techniques with more abstract and experimental approaches to create evocative landscapes. Nicolette states, "When I was considering becoming a full time artist - which takes a significant leap of faith - I understood that knowing how to draw and paint was not enough. I could commit only if I felt that I had a unique vision to contribute to the world, and an original way to communicate it." She remains true to her vision, yet continually explores new materials and methods, determined to create work that remains fresh and innovative.

Nicolette's paintings are a celebration of both the external world and the internal world it evokes. She creates Abstract Landscape paintings using mixed media, a process that layers familiar art supplies with unconventional materials. Her work is deeply rooted in reality, often inspired by her own landscape photographs. However, the goal is not to replicate these scenes, but to convey the emotions and memories they evoke, creating what she terms "emotional landscapes."

These paintings are not just artworks; they are invitations to engage with one's own memories and emotions, making each piece a personal journey for the viewer.