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Art by Nicolette

Headland, 12x12" (2023)

Headland, 12x12" (2023)

In the spring of 2023, I was working on a series of paintings based on gorgeous photographs of Vancouver Island sunsets. I had been commissioned to create three bespoke pieces. However, I was so fascinated by the combination of colours that I felt compelled to continue experimenting on my own, and ended up creating these two paintings. Both include sky, land (on the horizon), and water. In Stormy Seas, the land is almost obscured by the dark, surging, waves. Headland shows a similar scene after the storm, when the sea has calmed down enough to reflect the sunset and the land is once again visible. These paintings work individually, but would be great hung together, as a diptych.

Mixed Media (acrylic and latex paints, liquid asphalt) on Gallery Depth Cradled Birch Panel.

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